Barbara Loewenberg-Irlandy

Psychotherapy and Counseling

Trauma Counseling

I work with survivors of trauma (both physical and emotional). Trauma can occur in childhood or adulthood. The range can be from a single episode (ex., 9/11) to long-term physical and emotional abuse.

Grief and Loss Counseling

Grief and loss are part of living. However, sometimes grief and loss have a profound impact on our lives, preventing the ability to function within our relationships and work/school settings. Working with a psychotherapist/counselor can provide insights and assist persons to increase their ability to understand and heal their pain.

 Suicide Prevention

Suicide and homicide prevention deserves an approach that can allow for one-on-one psychotherapy and a broader support process that includes the medical community, friends, and family to aid in the recovery/prevention process. And where a suicide/homicide has already occurred a supportive environment for the survivors to work through their pain and loss is important and deserves caring attention.

Individual Counseling, Addiction/s Counseling

I work with people who are recovering from addiction/s. Again, it can either be individual psychotherapy/counseling or a team of professionals working with the recovering addict.

Life Changes, Transitions Counseling

Nothing stays the same in our lives. Life changes and transitions are normal and upsetting. Recovering from the loss of a job and working to find new employment, marriage, divorce, children’s impact on relationships are some of those transition and life changes that may need to be addressed.

Relationships, Special Needs Counseling

I work with adolescents and adults who live with or have a close relationship with persons who have special needs. Special needs children and adults can often put additional strain on family relationships and these caretakers may want to explore these stressors and see if there are additional skills that can help them thrive.

Clinical Supervision

I provide clinical supervision for two groups of people:

a. Licensed therapists during their conditional license phase toward full licensure.

b. Supervision for persons who have been sanctioned by their particular licensing board where the licensee must reexamine behavior that led to the sanction by their board and as a condition to full reinstatement in their profession.

Eating Disorders

I have been involved in the treatment of eating disorders for many years. Clients include those who are considering bariatric treatments though post operative psychotherapy/counseling. I work with the clients' surgeons (and their practice) providing support with the surgical process. I work with clients who suffer with anorexia/bulemia/compulsive overeating.


Maine is known as "Vacationland." I provide therapeutic work with clients from other states who need short-term psychotherapy/counseling while away from their regular therapists/physicians/psychiatrists, including consultation with these therapists, physicians, psychiatrists. This provides the short-term "safety net" that can ease anxieties/fears when clients are not near their usual support system.